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"Bird of the night"

2007- 2009

double triptyche


1 x 1 meter


1) Wake up

2) Flying bird

3) Catched bird

4) Dead bird

5) Leave taking

6) Resuscitation 

Karl Kaul is a german expressionistic fine-art painter, specialized on figurative and abstract paintings. 

My artistic work during the last years concentrates on figurative topics of 1 x 1 meter format. Picture elements of these acrylic paintings are people, animals and plants, integrated into an imaginary area-structure. The human being forms a common habitat with fauna and flora. The series consists of a great number of paintings.

From time to time you will have updated examples of this series. Look at "Panta rhei" Actual choice . Look at www.kaul-pantarhei.de for the complete series.


First exhibition 2010 Migennes /France


Bird of the night


Second exhibition 2014 Install, Bad Kreuznach


Vogel der Nacht


Third exhibition 2017, Church of St.Stephan, Simmern/Hunsrueck