Once upon a time

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Painting by Karl Kaul, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 1 x 1 m
An old couple remembering their teenage years. The man looks very much like me, now 82 years old, but the woman does not look like my wife, because portraits are not supposed to be. So I always say when people ask me if this is my wife, no, I hold her by the hand, because she represents all the people with whom I was connected in my life, who helped me and whom I helped.

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Annual opening of studios

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Engel für Hunsrück Klinik Simmern

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Engel für Hunsrück Klinik Simmern
Quelle: Heimat aktuell 31.5.2019
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Next exhibition

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Merry Christmas

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Merry christmas

Studio is open – Atelier ouvert

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Open studio 2018

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Wohin – where – où ?

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Wohin 2018

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Series „panta rhei“ and abstract artwork by Karl Kaul

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Exhibition 2018 Trier

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Studio visit

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Karl Kaul im AtelierSmall talk or more…

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