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Karl Kaul is a german expressionistic fine-art painter, specialized on figurative and abstract paintings. 

My artistic work during the last years concentrates on figurative topics of 1 x 1 meter format. Picture elements of these acrylic paintings are people, animals and plants, integrated into an imaginary area-structure. The human being forms a common habitat with fauna and flora. The series consists of a great number of paintings.

From time to time you will have updated examples of this series. Look at "Panta rhei" Actual choice . Look at www.kaul-pantarhei.de for the complete series.

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"Art makes the invisible visible"

New paintings

Toys 2017

Vitality 2017


Laudatio Hans Bungenstab, Simmern, 2017.05.28

Laudatio  Hedwig Kloster-Holl, Bad Kreuznach, 2014.04.13


It seems like the motives in the paintings of Karl Kaul, want to get out of there frame. Karls style of painting and his steer to create for personal space in his life give all his paintings that special feeling of enormous force, dynamic and directness.
Everybody will quickly recognize the uniqueness of Karl Kaul his paintings, he has that special touch and approach, what just a few artist have.


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